Saturday, 14 November 2009

What is the photo´s building?

This Building is Palacio Salvo, in front of Independencia Square, and it was inaugurated in 1928. His Architecht Palanti received the order of Salvo Brothers to construct a 100 mts high building.

It is 90 mts high, and it was the highest one in South America at this time. Was built for being an hotel but it never happend. In 1950 was sold like a condominium with it 370 apts. Here lived famous writers, painters, and another interesting people.

For constructing the bulding, desappear Cafe La Giralda , the place where Mattos Rodriguez played for first time in 1917 the Tango La Cumparsita.

This is a Post Card from my city, my charming Montevideo.

See it by yourself, I am here for showing you.....

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Plaza Fuerte Hotel
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